Modern Family is undoubtedly one of our favorite TV series of all times. The show revolves around a bunch of weird, funny and relatable characters who are figuring out how to make the most of their lives and their interaction with their family.

The show’s plot is nothing special but it is so well written that the characters quickly find their places in everyone’s heart. We have been enjoying Modern Family’s humor for 8 season, with a 9th one that has just kicked off. To celebrate the start of Season 9 of the series, we have prepared a quiz to see who of you are the true Modern Family fans!

Quiz: Are you a true Modern Family fan? | The Stremio Blog

Where did Jay and Gloria meet?

Every Valentine's Day Phil and Claire engage in role-playing. What are the names of their made up characters?

What is the name of Mitchell and Claire's childhood ice-skating duo?

What's the name of Alex's academic rival in high school?
Hayley had a crush on Joe's male nanny, or manny. What is his name?
Which parent knows the all the dances to High School Musical?
Where did Claire and Phil meet?
What natural disaster forced Mitch, Cam and their guests out of their wedding venue?
When Haley leaves for college, Phill gives her a book of wise thoughts he has come up with. What's the name of the book?

What's the name of Cam's clown alter-ego?

Gloria and Cam team up to start a business. What are they selling?
Jay is a business owner. What type of a company does he own?
Luke and Manny get into a fight because Luke thought Claire called Gloria a:
Where did Cam grow up?
What sport did Phil play in college?

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