Boy, oh boy, how time flies! It feels as if it were yesterday when we clinked champagne tubes to celebrate the New Year! And now we are almost halfway through 2018 and it’s been a pretty busy year for the movie industry.

We at Stremio know that sometimes it can be challenging to choose what to watch. Dozens of films are coming out every day and picking the right one can be tough. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a list of the best movies of 2018 so far.

We realize that movie taste is something strongly individual, so if you don’t agree with our list, feel free to share with us your top picks in the comments section.

Black Panther

After the death of his father, T’challa returns to the technologically advanced African country Wakanda hidden from the outside world. He must become the new king. However, a young heir manages to ascend to the throne. He confronts T’challa and even tries to kill him. That confrontation can lead to serious consequences for Wakanda and the whole world. Now T’challa has to unite his allies and also free all the power of the Black Panther in order to defeat the enemy and protect his people.

Ready Player One

The year is 2045. The world is ruled by chaos. In order to escape from real-world problems, people are immersed in the virtual universe “OASIS”, created by the genius and eccentric James Halliday, who leaves an unusual testament. According to him, all of his enormous fortunes will be given to the player who first discovers the easter egg hidden by the billionaire in the virtual reality created by him. People from all over the globe are connected in the search.

Wade Watts does not shine with heroism, but he also takes part in this competition, throwing himself headlong into the race for the prize in a fictitious universe that teems with secrets, discoveries, and dangers.


A long time ago, the main character of the film, primatologist Davis Okoye, had saved the life a male gorilla and had named the primate George. They then became best friends but one day George fell victim of a genetic experiment and began to increase in size. Soon the giant gorilla, along with a wolf that had undergone exactly the same experiment, began to destroy cities in North America. Okoye went to search for an antidote to not only save millions of human lives but also to save the life of his friend George.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Four teenagers receive punishment and have to remain in school for extracurricular activities. They are sent to the basement to clean up the mess and think about their behavior. Among the old rubbish, they find a slot machine Jumanji, which, to their surprise, still works. The kids decide to go through several levels but they somehow get sucked into the game and have to take on the appearance of their characters. Now they will not only get used to their new characters but will face many trials, deadly traps, and incredibly complex puzzles. Will they be able to cope with this new world and find a way to return home?


A secret government organization is engaged in the study of a certain Zone X, in which various abnormal phenomena occur. More than one expedition was sent to the Zone, but the outcome of each was unsuccessful and no one has returned – except for the husband of the biologist Lena is sent. He returns seriously ill, but no one can figure out what is wrong with him. To save her husband, Lena volunteers for a new group and goes into the Zone. There she intends to find out what happened to him and understand the causes of the illness. 

Avengers: Infinity War

While the Avengers and their allies are tirelessly protecting the world from all sorts of dangers, a new threat is emerging from outer space – Thanos. This ruthless tyrant is obsessed with his goal – to collect all six Infinity Stones, unique artefacts with an unprecedented power by which he can change the reality. All the battles that the Avengers had fought before, led exactly to this moment. The fate of the Earth and of life itself is at stake.

Isle of Dogs

“Isle of Dogs” is the story of the 12-year-old boy Atari Kobayashi, the nephew of the corrupt mayor of the town Megasaki. One day, a dog-fly virus spreads to the city and all the dogs of the city of Megasaki are driven to a Trash Island. Atari heads over to find his faithful dog Spots. There on the island, along with the other dogs, he will begin an epic journey that will decide the future destiny of the entire prefecture.

A Quiet Place

After the attack of supernatural beings, the is Earth turned into a place where it is better not to make any noise: the aliens react to any sound. The couple Evelyn and Lee Abbott communicate with their children in sign language, walk barefoot at home and do their best not to stick out. The situation is complicated because Evelyn is about to give birth. A great horror movie with an original idea and great on-screen performance.

Game Night

Max and Annie are a couple that hosts a weekly detective game night for their friends. All is fun until Brooks, Max’s brother, decides to raise the game to a new level. This time one of them will be kidnapped. Whoever finds the victim will receive the grand prize. Meanwhile, some thugs break into the house and kidnap Brooks in front of the others. Everybody thinks that this kidnapping is arranged, and they do nothing. Then they all undertake to investigate the case and soon begin to understand that what is happening to them does not look like a game at all.

The Death Of Stalin

The satirical comedy “The Death of Stalin” talks about the political race in the struggle for power in the USSR after the death of the leader of the nation in 1953. For many years the country has been ruled by a tyrannical secretary general and residents of the state live in fear. But one day Stalin dies. The great leader has fallen and the country needs changes. This time is the best suited for the struggle for power, which includes Lavrentiy Beria, Nikita Khrushchev, and Georgy Zhukov.

Everyone wants to take the place of the deceased leader, resorting to political tricks, intrigues and all possible ways to get what he wants. The competitors are trying to win over members of the Politburo and even Stalin’s children in order to obtain the necessary number of votes. In general, the race of the century began!


Movies that will hit the theaters very soon and are very likely to join our list:

Deadpool 2 (May 18)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25)

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6)

The Incredibles 2 (Jul. 13)

You can watch all of these movies, and many more, on Stremio!


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