It’s bragging time, everyone!

At this point, Stremio has already gained fairly large number of useful reviews – so we want to share with you what the others think about our service. Don’t get us wrong – we don’t want to sound smug. The thing is, it is your feedback that keeps us going (together with our company belief that we provide a meaningful service that really helps your life).

By listening to what you, our users, have to say, we gather valuable feedback that helps us improve our apps and offer you a flawless video-on-demand (VOD) experience. We are here to serve and entertain, and this is why we greatly appreciate your reviews and comments.

Without further due, here is what the others say about Stremio.

Stremio reviews


“Stremio is an elegant alternative to any media center, as it ties together Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and even Popcorn Time.”
Best Reviews

Thanks for that note, Best Reviews! We’d like to also add to that quote Kodi and Plex.

“So far so good, but what makes Stremio special? The add-on system. […] All in all, Stremio deserves the praise for bringing together all possible media sources under one roof,” continues Best Reviews – and while we agree that our add-ons system is awesome, a fair warning is due here: use our add-ons wisely and be careful when using unofficial, 3rd party add-ons!

Stremio reviews



“There’s now room at the top of the unofficial streaming market for a new challenger and a group of programmers from Europe think they have such a contender up their sleeve. It certainly looks impressive.”
– TorrentFreak

Kind words indeed, and TorrentFreak gets it right: we are here to impress and deliver quality VOD experience to each and every one of our users.

Stremio reviews

“Looking for a next-generation media player? Take a look at Stremio, which is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This one-stop solution includes some unique tools, including The Board and Guidebox. With Stremio add-ons, the service is likely to grow even larger in the coming months and years.”

We do indeed intend to grow larger and larger, making sure that Stremio is the only video content app you would ever need.

Stremio reviews

“Though there are countless apps for streaming video content, few have come as close to revolutionizing the entertainment industry as Stremio. More than just a content aggregator, Stremio expertly organizes all of your movies, TV shows and video clips in one place to create a streaming experience that is unparalleled by any other platform.”

Katherine Pendrill from TrendHunter then goes on to note that “in addition to helping you access your favorite content with nothing more than a single click, Stremio further elevates the streaming experience through a feature called The Board”.

Stremio reviews



“Stremio is a surprisingly good alternative to Popcorn Time.”

Popcorn Time is a major competitor on the VOD market and such words make our hearts warm (despite the fact that the comparison is not 100% accurate as we do not offer access to illegal/pirated content like Popcorn Time does).

Stremio reviews

“Stremio is a convenient option for watching your favorite movies, videos, TV channels and TV series with minimal buffering.”

Our app is a recommended download on, and we think this is pretty great!

Stremio reviews

“Stremio is a more complete and powerful Popcorn Time alternative.”

Our app is quite powerful, indeed, and we continuously work on making it even better.

Don’t have Stremio yet? Go ahead and download it straight away!

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