Stremio Tech Update is a new column where we will be publishing what’s been improved in our apps so that you never miss an upgrade. Besides, we’ll also be sharing news from the kitchen, i.e. the Stremio offices & team. 

Here is what’s new since Stremio v4.4.10 (The version on this changelog refers to the UI version of your desktop app, which is automatically updated. You can check it in the bottom right corner of your “Settings” section. The latest app version is v4.4.10, but once you run it it will update the UI version to v4.4.18 or later).

v4.4.11 – 2018-08-28

– Player: fixed a bug where items are automatically added to the library
– Sidebar: fix when data is displayed

v4.4.15 – 2018-08-30

– Detail page: faster loading UX
– Small UI issue fixed: removed outlines
– Library: tabs are always ordered consistently
– Storage fixes: Stremio should work even if local storage is full

v4.4.16 – 2018-09-11

– Detail page: “Watch in cinema” message restored
– Addon page routing fix (needing to press back twice)
– Player bug fix: remove broken reporting functionality
– Discover: genre sort fix

v4.4.17 – 2018-09-14

– Detail page: fix logic bugs when displaying the streams sidebar
– Player no longer able to pause while loading
– Player no longer pauses when minimized

v4.4.18 – 2018-09-21

– Discover: scroll bar added to prevent overflow in the right info bar
– Auto updater now updates web UI as well
– Board: does not show empty rows
– Discover: supports better displaying of year sort
– Detail: streams are now displayed in the same order that they arrived in from the addon
– Player: fixed a bug with the “Play in external window” option

What’s new at the office

– We are conducting a user satisfaction survey to find out how we can improve Stremio. It only has a few questions, so less than a minute to fill out, and you get a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Take the survey here.

– Our office manager took a few days off; we were a bit terrified at first but in the end nobody starved or died of helplessness. We were very proud.

– There was a weird beeping sound at the office that we couldn’t identify. Just as we thought we were victims of a collective sound hallucination, we found the culprit: a Nokia 3310 (2017) phone with a dying battery. Why we have such a phone at the office is an entirely different story…

– We’ll be going to the Soft Unit Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of this month. Three of our team members will be speakers at the event, and we will also have a stand. If you are at the conference, give us a shout!

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Ivan Borisov · October 4, 2018 at 11:35 am

On dowlnload page, latest version is 4.4.10

Jonny william · October 7, 2018 at 6:30 am

This is a very helpful article I was exactly searching same and I found here. I also write a blog for my website (blognex) Visit here and tell me a suggestion for my website your suggestion is precious for me. Again thank you for sharing this wonderful information with all of us.

Alex · October 13, 2018 at 11:58 pm

There is a segmentation fault bug in the stremio 4.10 for Linux, is there any prediction to fix it?

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