We have partnered with the blockchain startup White Rabbit to kick off their peer-to-peer partner streaming sites program

White Rabbit is a blockchain-based startup that helps copyright holders to collect revenue from P2P streaming. It is essentially a browser plugin, which detects content and enables the content creators to get paid immediately when their content is streamed peer-to-peer. A portion of the earnings are then shared with the streaming sites to encourage an innovative streaming market and offer ensuring a transparent and instant monetization model for all participants – producers, investors, artists and entertainers.

The deal we struck with White Rabbit stipulates that White Rabbit will create a designated plug-in for Stremio; with it, our users will be able to access a whole new array of paid content and pay for it with cryptocurrency. In addition, we will develop a Stremio-branded P2P streaming service giving access to the entire White Rabbit title catalogue.

“With this deal, we kick-off our Partner Streaming Sites program to collect revenue from and legalize the peer-to-peer streaming market,” said Alan Milligan, CEO of White Rabbit.

“The streaming market is massive estimated at $52Bn by 2022 with the peer-to-peer market estimated at ten times the size. Stremio is our first established partnership with a media player used by millions of users today. We are very impressed with what the company has achieved so far,” Milligan added.

“We are impressed with the progress of White Rabbit of late, and particularly with the White Rabbit prototype,” said Stremio’s CEO Ivo Georgiev. “It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s set to change the way we stream, pay for content and ensure more engagement between fans and filmmakers. White Rabbit is the future for the film and peer-to-peer streaming industry”.

For us at Stremio, this is not the first step into the blockchain and decentralization world. Earlier this year we announced our partnership with AdEx to use the Ethereum-based platform for our ad-serving needs. Our team is excited about the opportunities blockchain technology has to offer, and we are eager to dive in and explore it further.

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