Hello Stremio friends!

December is knocking on the door and our team will give you some presents in advance. We summarised everything that’s new and important to know for Stremio this November and there we go. We are glad to present you the following feathers:

Keyboard setups:

– Keyboard controls: F1-F4 now change tabs, shift+tab change tabs too.

– Keyboard controls: ESC always goes back.

– Keyboard controls: F always toggles fullscreen.

Stremio Interface: 

– UI: zoom effects replaced by a simpler outline effect.


– Linux packages available for Fedora, Debian, and Arch.


– Fixed a critical bug in the Local Files add-on: indexing was broken on Windows if your system is in any language different than English.

– Fix a bug related to playing the next video, when you’re using the YouTube add-on.


– Streaming engine: BitTorrent parameters are now tweak-able, e.g. max peer count.

– Automatically disabling “Always on top” in fullscreen.

– Fix a bug where Stremio shows an error that it can’t find subtitles when playing trailers.

We want to be sure, that you will never miss an update. We also want to be sure, that we deliver the best experience to our users, so we are here and we are listening. If you have any advices or whatever goes on your head about better user experience – please share it with us.

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