Halloween is just around the corner and we are guessing that you have already started the search for the perfect horror movie. No doubt about it, Halloween is nothing without a good horror film and a bowl of popcorn next to you. The good news is that in this article we’ll be guiding you through the terrifying world of the horror genre. Our mission – to help you find the perfect movie for you and your friends to enjoy on Halloween night! Today we’ll be giving you the best horror movies of 2018 so far.


10. Apostle 

The year is 1905. Jennifer Richardson was kidnapped for ransom by a sinister religious community who settled on a remote island. The leader of the community knows very well that Jennifer has a rich father. But the girl also has a brother, Thomas, whom everyone considered dead, and who will stop at nothing to save his sister. As Thomas infiltrates the sect, he uncovers horrible secrets beyond his imagination. 


9. Suspiria

A talented American ballerina comes to Berlin to join the troupe of the legendary dance academy. However, inside the academy, she suddenly discovers something ominous and supernatural. Soon the girl realizes that she will become the next victim if she does not uncover the secret of the curse that enveloped the famous ballet school. A decent remake of the original movie from 1977 that is worth your attention. Still, not good enough for our number one spot.


8. Ghost Stories

Psychology professor Phillip Goodman is studying the story of three people who allegedly faced supernatural events: a night watchman, a teenager, and a businessman. While investigating the curious cases, the skeptical professor turns from an observer into an active participant when he receives a message from the dead.


7. Unsane 

A young woman leaves her hometown to escape from her problematic past and to find a new job. But when she unwillingly finds herself in a psychiatric institution, she has to face her greatest fear – an unknown man who seems to be stalking her. But is he real, or is it just a figment of her imagination? Because of the drugs she takes, no one believes her. The authorities are unable or unwilling to help, so she must alone confront her fears.


6. The Nun

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated horror films for 2018. The movie takes place in Romania. In one of the monasteries, a young nun commits suicide, under unclear and mysterious circumstances. To investigate this case, the Vatican sends a specially trained priest with a questionable past. With him comes his assistant – Sister Irene. Together they will have to figure out what happened, risking their own faith, as well as their lives. The living and the dead collide on the border of our world, and the world of the dead. A real struggle begins between mind and heart and between good and evil. The monastery is turning into a real epic battlefield, and the two guests still have no idea what they got into.


5. Mandy

Nic Cage is back! Actually, he never left, but that’s the first movie from a long time he is in, that is actually good. And by good, we mean insane. 

The action takes place in 1983 and Cage plays a lumberjack named Red Miller. He lives peacefully in a picturesque forest near the lake with a woman named Mandy. Everything is going great, but evil settles in the forest – a religious cult and an infernal biker gang. One day Mandy goes for a walk in the woods, where she met the sinister leader of the cult. He immediately likes Mandy and later orders the bikers to kidnap her. He tries to seduce her, but she rejects him. Long story short, she was burned alive. After these horrific events, the fierce genius of destruction awakens in Red, and under the music of King Crimson, he takes revenge on all who dared to invade his idyllic world.


4. Annihilation

The secret government organization is engaged in the study of a certain Zone X, in which various abnormal phenomena occur. There were a couple of expeditions, but none of them were successful. The husband of the biologist Lena was part of the team that was previously sent to explore the Zone. He returns seriously ill, but no one can understand what is wrong with him. To save her husband, Lena volunteers for a new group and goes to the Zone. There she intends to find out what happened to him and understand the causes of the illness.


3. Halloween

It’s a privilege to see Michael Myers back in action on the big screen. Plus, the film is a direct sequel to the John Carpenter original “Halloween” movie from 1978 and ignores all the events of all of the existing sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis is also back for her fifth film of the franchise.

Michael Myers is in a psychiatric hospital. The annual Halloween festival is approaching, on which many years ago in Haddonfield he committed a series of brutal murders. The only remaining survivor from the events, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is still awaiting the return of the maniac, carefully preparing for the worst. And when a group of documentalists arrives in the hospital in order to make their report by the upcoming sad date – Michael makes a daring escape from the mental hospital. Now, on the eve of Halloween, the quiet town will once again be wrapped in chaos and filled with rivers of blood.


2. Hereditary

After the death of Annie Graham’s mother, something inexplicable begins to occur in her previously quiet home. Now the life of her loved ones is under threat. Every day new horrifying secrets of their family are opened. Annie realizes that these nightmares originate in the distant past. Will she be able to find the key to the mystery of the sinister curse that is passed on from generation to generation?


1. A Quiet Place

After the attack of supernatural beings, the Earth becomes a place where it’s better not to make any noise. The reason for that is that the aliens react to any sound. The couple Evelyn and Lee Abbott communicate with their children in sign language, walk barefoot at home and do their best not to stick out. The situation is complicated because Evelyn is about to give birth. A great horror movie with an original idea and great on-screen performance. A well-deserved number one for John Krasinski’s directing debut.


Hope you enjoyed our list. Next time we’ll be giving you the ultimate Halloween experience! We’ll be sharing our countdown for the best horror films that ever hit the big screen for you to watch on Halloween. Meanwhile, be sure to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, on Stremio – all the video content you enjoy in one place.



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